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    Enterprising Thoughts

    • Post Recession Marketing: It Just Ain’t Going to be the Same!

      Published on April 11, 2011.

      Many companies, perhaps most, made adjustments to survive the “Great Recession.” Some succeeded. But to prosper in the post recession era will require, not only adjustments, but also a re-thinking of entire marketing strategies, including how we communicate with our key audiences.

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    • Advertising During A Recession

      Published on March 15, 2011.

      If we pay attention, much can be learned about marketing from our current and hopefully declining recession.

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    • The Agency Business as Fountain of Youth

      Published on February 3, 2011.

      Back in the 1950s and before, it was said that, “Advertising is a young man’s game.” After a couple of succeeding decades, the truism was amended to “Advertising is a young person’s game.” That was in recognition of the increasing leadership role of women in the industry. The operative word, of course, remained, “young.”

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    • Fit, Unfit, or Counterfeit?

      Published on January 15, 2011.

      In my experience, there are three kinds of executives in business, perhaps especially in the agency business, which is where I spent most of my career. They are: fit, unfit, and counterfeit.

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