en.ter.prise - An undertaking especially one of some scope, complication and risk.

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What EMC Can Do For You


EMC specializes in print and radio advertising that runs the gamut from consumer products to retail to healthcare to not-for-profit organizations.

Brochures & Annual Reports

A simple tri-fold or simplifying a complicated message. Telling your story with a creative combination of design and copy.

Direct Mail

We can make your message stand out in the clutter—in the mail or on-line.

Logos & Identity Development

Through creative type selection and innovative symbolism, EMC will create a memorable identity for your organization or product.

Meeting Planning & Special Events

We have helped our clients in site selection for multi-day meetings, programming, speaker selection, agenda planning, and speechwriting.


EMC designs food labels as well as unique packaging for a variety of industries.

Public Relations/Publicity

We have 50 years of experience—from writing PR plans to crisis management.

Sales Promotion

From simple, but creative premiums to travel incentive programs, we have the experience to help you build sales cost-effectively.

Trade Shows

Need a new booth? Need to build anticipation and motivate visits by potential customers? We can help.


Whether you have a tired website that needs an energy boost or you need to start from scratch, EMC will help you meet your objectives through creative design and targeted copy.